Policy Sources

Below are links to the types of documents contained within the psychological health policy library to include regulations, directives, memoranda, pamphlets, instructions, notices, legislation and executive orders.

Congressional and Executive

U.S. Government Publishing Office
Congressional Publications, to include public and private laws, such as the National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA)
Executive Orders
Executive Orders released by the White House

Department of Defense

Department of Defense Issuances
Department of Defense Directives (DoDD), DoD Instructions (DoDI), DoD Manuals (DoDM), and Directive-Type Memoranda (DTM)
Health Affairs Policies and Guidelines
Health Affairs (HA) Memoranda, Defense Health Agency (DHA)-Procedural Instructions, DHA-Interim Procedures Memoranda, and DoD and Service-Specific Issuances

Air Force

Air Force e-Publishing
Air Force Instructions (AFI), Air Force Policy Directives (AFPD), Air Force Manuals (AFMAN), and Air Force Pamphlets (AFPAM)
Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Policies
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Army Publishing Directorate
Army Regulations (AR), Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA PAM), Forms and Field Manuals (FM), Technical Manuals (TM), Technical Bulletins (TB), including Medical (TB MED), and link to All Army Activities Messages (ALARACT)
Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG)/Medical Command (MEDCOM) Policies
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Navy Medicine Directives
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) Instructions and Notes and Navy Medicine (NAVMED) Forms, to include BUMED-sponsored Instructions from Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV), Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), and Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS)
Department of the Navy Issuances
SECNAV and OPNAV Instructions, Notices, Manuals, and Navy (ALNAV) Regulations
Library for Navy Messages
Navy Administrative Messages (NAVADMIN) and ALNAVs (from 2000 to present)

Marine Corps

Marine Administrative Messages
Marines Messages (ALMAR) and Marine Administrative Messages (MARADMIN)
Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library
Marine Corps Orders (MCO), Marine Corps Manuals (MCO-P), Marine Corps Bulletins (MCBul), and Navy/Marine Corps Policies, Directives, and Forms (NAVMC)

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Directives and Publications Division
Commandant Instructions (COMDTINST), Commandant Notices (COMDTNOTE), and Commandant Instructions Manuals (COMDTINST M)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Publications
VHA-wide Policies and Procedures