Providers: Help Service Members Stay in Mental Health Treatment Across Settings With Free DoD Program

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By Leah Freeman, PHCoE Public Affairs
January 16, 2018

Did you know that every time you have an active-duty member who is moving, you can get assistance in finding them a mental health care provider at their new duty station?

Did you know there is a formal program, staffed by credentialed providers who will ensure a smooth transition and provide call backs to encourage service members or new veterans to follow up with scheduled appointments?

Did you know it’s free and easy?

DoD is approaching problems with suicide, depression, PTSD and the like in service members in many ways. One of these ways is the inTransition program, which keeps our military patients from falling through the cracks and being lost to care.

We know that during times of transition service members who receive mental health care are vulnerable to lapses or breaks in care. These time periods include returning from deployment, transitioning to or from active duty, making a military move or relocation, or separating from the military. The program also helps wounded warriors returning home following care at a military treatment facility.

Program Overview

inTransition is a free, voluntary program with 24/7 access to coaches who provide psychological health care support to service members, veterans, and health care providers during transitional times.

All service members leaving military service who have received care for mental health within one year of their separations are automatically enrolled in the inTransition program to ensure they can maintain continuity of mental health care wherever they are located. (A service member can opt-out of the program and decline services at any time.)

Automatic enrollment is facilitated through three Defense Department programs that provide information about separating service members who receive or express the need for mental health care: Post Deployment Health Assessment/Reassessment program, Separation Health Physical Exam and DHA separation file. 

Service members can also self-enroll at any time and providers can enroll a patient who is transitioning to a new duty location. 

inTransition can be reached 24/7 from inside the United States at 800-424-7877; outside the country toll-free at 800-424-4685 or collect at 314-387-4700. All calls are confidential, unless the service member endorses thoughts of harming themselves or others.

Our next blog will explain how you can help eligible patients enroll in inTransition.

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  • This sounds like a great idea. -- Cheers to the person(s) who came up with the idea and to those who seek to implement it appropriately.

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