Psych Health Evidence Briefs: Providers’ One-Stop-Shop for Treatment Information

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By Erin Beech, M.A., Senior Research Associate
March 21, 2017

Have you had patients ask about new sensational treatments that have been highlighted in the media or that they heard about from friends? How many of your patients have questioned the effectiveness of their current treatment? Are you interested in being better able to educate your patients about treatment options?

With your busy schedule and the endless flow of scientific literature on mental health treatments, it’s hard to stay up on new treatments and the latest evidence on existing treatments. The Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) is introducing a new series of products that can help.

Psych Health Evidence Briefs provide information about treatments for mental health conditions commonly experienced by military service members. The briefs include summaries of available scientific evidence and clinical guidance to inform providers, patients and others who may have questions about the effectiveness of these treatments.

Military Health System clinicians rely on Department of Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense (VA/DoD) clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for treatment recommendations. VA/DoD CPGs are formulated using systematic searches that identify and synthesize the best evidence possible, which includes systematic reviews, meta-analyses and randomized controlled trials. Learn more about levels of research evidence.

CPGs are the state of the art for evidence-based treatment, however, they take a significant amount of time to create and revise. 

Psych Health Evidence Briefs don’t provide treatment recommendations like CPGs, but are intended to bridge the gap between the scientific literature and the CPGs by covering a wide range of treatments that may be outside the scope of the CPGs, as well as summarizing the recent evidence for treatments covered by the CPGs. By providing trusted and up-to-date information on psychological health treatments, we are here to help military providers make evidence-informed treatment decisions.

Download the briefs, share ideas for topics of future briefs and subscribe to receive briefs to your email on the DHCC website. Also, please share any comments or suggestions below. We want to make these useful for you and your patients!

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