inTransition: Learn How To Enroll Service Members into the Program

Soldier talking on the phone
U.S. Army photo by William B. King
By Leah Freeman, PHCoE Public Affairs
January 22, 2018

InTransition is a free, voluntary program for service members and veterans with psychological health concerns. The program bridges the gap between health care systems and providers through 24/7 telephone support from trained coaches (read more in our last blog). Transferring patients to a new provider or health care system can be easy — with help.

Eligibility Guidelines

Service members are eligible for the inTransition program if they’re currently in mental health care treatment or they are:

  • Returning home after care from a military clinic or hospital, warrior transition unit or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility
  • Separating from active duty or transitioning care to the VA or TRICARE network
  • A reservist being activated who must transition from VA care to a military clinic or hospital, or TRICARE network
  • Making a transition from one location to another – including to a deployed setting
  • Receiving any type of discharge from the military with a documented or self-perceived mental health care need requiring assistance connecting with a new health care provider
  • Reconsidering a previous decision to opt out of the inTransition program and would like to self-refer

Enrollment Process

Service members can enroll in the inTransition program on their own or with your help. Here are some ways to get connected:

  • Self-referral: Service members, who are concerned about their psychological health during a period of transition, can call the program directly.
  • Provider referral: Health care providers can set up a confidential consultation on behalf of the patient. It is recommended that the provider and patient phone inTransition together during a scheduled appointment for the smoothest transition possible.
  • Community support referral: Members of the military community who are concerned about a service member can also connect with the program. These referrers are usually chaplains or members of military and veterans’ service organizations.

inTransition Coaches

A program coach is available 24/7 to talk with service members to understand their specific needs. Coaches use the information from these conversations to find appropriate resources. Here are some common topics discussed:

Call Today

If you think your patient may be eligible or you have questions, call inTransition today.

  • 800-424-7877 Inside the United States
  • 800-424-4685 (DSN) Outside the United States toll-free
  • 314-387-4700 Outside the United States collect

For more program information or to request materials, visit the program website.

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