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A PHCoE blog series written by leaders, clinicians and experts on current topics of interest for psychological health care providers in the Military Health System.

  • Call inTransition With Your Patients: It’s Worth It Nine Times Over May 6, 2019

    You know the service member. They had a difficult childhood… an unstable home life… maybe a parent who was largely absent. They deployed three times and the second one was especially traumatic. They’ve been through some difficulty, but shown incredible strength and determination in the face of life’s many challenges. They’ve done such good work in therapy. Their symptoms have improved. The nightmares are mostly gone. They can tolerate going to the mall or a concert. But their marriage hasn’t recovered from the years of emotional numbing.

  • Navigating Psychological Health Resources in the Military May 1, 2019 One of the great things about serving in the military is that there are literally resources for just about everything at absolutely no financial cost. One of the not so great things about military resources, especially in the realm of psychological health, is that there are so many programs, that it can be difficult to navigate them.
  • Treating Mental Health Impacts of Sexual Assault in Service Members: Pilot Update and Next Steps April 22, 2019 Do you ever wonder how the Department of Defense (DoD) decides which mental health conditions to target and test with innovative, evidence-based treatment programs? Sometimes the prevalence of a particular disorder in the military population guides our efforts.
  • Facilitating 12-Step Approaches to Change for Service Members with Problematic Drinking April 16, 2019 The interrelated sets of practices, beliefs, and experiences of the 12-step approach to change have helped many service members to initiate and/or sustain recovery from alcohol use disorders.
  • When Alcohol Use Becomes Alcohol Misuse: Supporting Service Member Self-Referral April 1, 2019

    Alcohol has played a prominent role in military life throughout recorded history. However, it has been a mixed blessing, especially when alcohol misuse adversely affects psychological health, discipline, productivity, and readiness.


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