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A PHCoE blog series written by leaders, clinicians and experts on current topics of interest for psychological health care providers in the Military Health System.

  • Earn CEs and Learn about Effectiveness of Mental Health Interventions in New Home Studies February 3, 2021

    The Psychological Health Center of Excellence (PHCoE) has prepared four continuing education (CE) activities for providers who like to keep up to date on the evidence regarding mental health interventions. Each CE self-study provides a brief summary of systematic reviews conducted by the RAND Corporation.

    Researchers sift through hundreds or more studies to conduct systematic reviews of evidence. These reviews can be useful tools for busy clinicians or policymakers interested in quick, yet comprehensive summaries of the evidence.

  • Evaluating Types of Bias in Randomized Controlled Trials: A Helpful Tool for Military Mental Health Providers February 11, 2019

    In our last blog, we discussed how important it is for mental health providers to keep up with the latest psychotherapy research, and covered six types of bias that can occur in randomized clinical trials (RCTs).

  • Types of Bias in Randomized Controlled Trials: A Refresher for Military Mental Health Providers February 4, 2019

    It’s important for mental health providers and health system administrators to be active and informed consumers of the research literature in their areas of practice.

  • Adjustment Disorders: How Are They Relevant to Military Mental Health? October 29, 2018

    When you think about mental health in the military, your mind likely jumps straight to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and then maybe to depression and anxiety. But adjustment disorders?

  • Facebook Use During Deployment: Bane or Boon? August 13, 2018

    Facebook allows instant and effortless social interaction from any geographic location with Internet connectivity and is a daily ritual in the lives of hundreds of millions of people. For deployed service members, Facebook provides an opportunity to maintain a connection to family and friends in a way that was impossible prior to the advent of social networking sites. But, is there a downside to such connection during deployment?


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