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A PHCoE blog series written by leaders, clinicians and experts on current topics of interest for psychological health care providers in the Military Health System.

  • 2018 Advancements in Military Women’s Health January 14, 2019

    January is a time to not only make New Year’s resolutions, but also to reflect on meaningful events and positive actions of the previous year.

  • Dolphin Docs: Mental Health Providers Embedded in the Submarine Community January 7, 2019

    In 1996, Navy aircraft carriers began to embed psychologists to address the concerns of medical evacuations from the ships. However, the benefit of having a psychologist aboard was quickly realized and gradually both Navy and Marine commands began to embed a variety of mental health providers into military units. The submarine community was one of the last communities, but given that 30 percent of all losses to the submarine force were due to mental health diagnoses, a pilot program was initiated in 2012 and stood up in 2013.

  • How Is This Working? Therapeutic Alliance and Implications for Evidence-Based Treatment Delivery in Military Settings December 17, 2018

    Much of our talk about evidence-based practice focuses on specific interventions and protocols that have been found to be efficacious in treating a given mental health disorder or behavioral concern (e.g., behavioral activation, systematic desensitization, challenging unhelpful cognitions). But beyond the “active ingredients” of these standardized treatments, there are certain factors that are shared among all forms of effective talk therapy.  

  • Data Dashboards Help Fine Tune Mental Health Care Delivery in the MHS December 10, 2018

    PHCoE is excited to share new updates to the Psychological Health by the Numbers section of our website that include data dashboards on inpatient and outpatient mental health care utilization among active duty service members (ADSMs) in the Military Health System (MHS). But before we dive in, let’s take a closer look at what dashboards are, and why they are useful.

  • Top 10 Things to Know About PHCoE’s Psychological Health Resource Center November 26, 2018

    You may have heard about the Psychological Health Resource Center, but do you know who it serves and what kind of information it provides? Read these 10 facts to learn more:

    The Psychological Health Resource Center is available to service members, veterans, family members, clinicians and military commands.

    The center exists to educate and link service members, veterans and their families to resources, and provide a resource for the entire military community.


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