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  • Dr. Reilly,
    In your response to Brian Meyer you state that your blog "...summarizes a few interventions that are among the most established and available in the MHS..."
    EMDR therapy is among the most established and available interventions worldwide. In the link you provided, the answer to the question "Is EMDR recommended in the Military Health System (MHS)?" Is:

    "Yes. The 2017 VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder gives the highest strength of recommendation (Strong For) for EMDR. EMDR has met the burden of evidence required by the most recent VA/DoD publications and is recommended as a first-line treatment."

    This should be ample evidence. In 2017 both VA and DOD reaffirmed for the second time their initial findings in 2004 (reaffirmed in 2010) that EMDR is a first line treatment. It is irresponsible and misleading to leave it out as one of the top 3 treatments in your summary. That has the effect of minimizing its known efficacy and efficiency.

    I have been trained in EMDR since 2001 and have treated many hundreds of first responders and Military Veterans with EMDR. Most say it has been the best treatment they have ever received.


    Eva J. Usadi, MA, BCD

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