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  • Thank you very much for this follow-up by discussing postvention strategies, after the DoD annual report discussed suicide-prevention efforts in the various branches, but "postvention" could not be found anywhere in the report of many, many pages.

    I'd also suggest that suicide-prevention resources, especially for those in acute mental-health crisis, be noted at the top of the article. That way, the offer of help is indeed immediate, not several minutes later, at the article's end. Every minute counts for those enduring an acute mental-health crisis. Those struggling with mental-health challenges usually present with a lack of motivation and energy. One may open an email, but read only what is seen in the rendering email window.

    Suicide is not a cause of death; it's a manner of death.

    Local Commanders now have a great and informed resource in this list of action items. The military is real big on checklists, especially in aviation, and this is one of the best I've seen in all my years as a Soldier and an advocate for Federal employees with disabilities, especially those with targeted disabilities.

    There was no protocol for my supervisors to follow in 2013, when an FPS Security Guard went to the rooftop of the GSA building in Washington, DC and completed suicide with his service weapon. I had a rather marked and devastating reaction to this incident of completed suicide and workplace violence. Sadly, my father, Leland Cogdell, completed suicide on Christmas Day 1969. My beloved sister, Margaret Rose Grant, completed suicide on September 11, 2004. I've also lost many friends from childhood and military service to completed suicide. I try to honor their short lives by helping others.

    Thank you to everyone who works to care for those who live with some form of organic brain dysfunction. You are indeed angels of mercy, and I sincerely appreciate what you do in your vital vocation.

    Fly Army!


    Ted Cogdell
    Washington, DC

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