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  • As a reservist, coming forth to say you were under stress or struggling emotionally was too risky for fear of being seen as a wounded service member and at least two of my friends that had such life difficulties were promptly let out of the reserves when their life's problems started interfering with their military duties.
    I would like to solely give my observation on the whole situation, being both a prior active duty and reserve service member who have experienced a two separate service members go through severe depression, and, one , committing suicide eventually, as a reservist.
    I believe if an active duty service member does not want to be in the service anymore, there should be a much more easier and quicker process for that service member to get out and avoid the feeling of being trapped, which can lead to hopelessness , depression, etc.., if that person feels trapped in a contract they cannot get out. A proper implementation of this early exit process will prove to be effective in alleviating stress and preventing suicide ideations. There would be no shortage of individuals wanting to get in for every. Member who feel they cannot cope and want to get out.

    Secondly, as a reservist, it has been my observation that the reservists, for the most part tend to be in dire need of personal funds(broke) and have to stay in if not for the valuable healthcare to service offers.. For the Reservist make it more easier for them to stay in the military system, and avoid the rigorous weed out system that tends to apply when a reservist service member is in need.

    True Camraderie, I believe, is a start for the cure for preventing suicides within the military and for veterans as a whole retired active reserves etc.

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