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  • I read your blog with interest since I am a retired O-6 with thirty years of service. I self reported my suspicion of alcohol dependence. I was admitted to WRNMMC and after in-patient care was engaged in their ARS service with meetings several times a week, and the fellow participants (male and female) were active duty service personnel with 3-4 of retired status. There was and is uniform encouragement to all attendees to explore Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon and other regional self referral services for both alcohol and "substance" abuse. I wanted to request that you amend this blog with the above content, once you have confirmed it, so everyone gets a more balanced overview. PS: There is currently NOT an AA meeting that is available on the WRNMMC Campus. Sincerely, Jack Taylor MD 1 year and 8 months sober - "one day at a time".

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