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  • As a veteran who has experienced MST which resulted in PTSD, and as a research assistant at an educational institution, I wanted to add in my comments here regarding research gaps for veterans. One area that I see as a gap concerning PTSD (especially since there are ongoing debates and controversies over the new PTSD Guidelines) is research on quality of life, grief and loss issues (lack of conservation of resources, both internal and external; lack of processing grief and loss), rehabilitation for disabled PTSD veterans, the infantilization that may occur between therapist and patient (whereby the veteran feels that his or her strengths and intellectual efforts and work history has been ignored in the therapeutic process; treating veterans or PTSD clients for that matter does not mean treating them like children who cannot make decisions on their own-which are some of the laments I've heard and even experienced myself), more positive psychology and mental health promotion for veterans (research is lacking in this area), general profiling of the different kinds of trauma experienced by veterans, general profiling of the different kinds of resource losses experienced by veterans, and general profiling of the strengths that veterans have maintained and/or acquired since their discharge. Thank you for welcoming feedback and suggestions, and thank you for your continued service to veterans. Sincerely, Gayle Blakely, veteran, USMC.

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