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  • Hi ,
    This is my opinion :
    I've tried every option for pain relief . Shots , rehab , pills , surgery , etc ... I have been going to appointments for 2-3 days a week , sometimes 5 days a week for the last 8 years . At the very minimum, I am admitted to the hospital once every two to three months . I have been admitted a couple of times for 2 weeks or more . I was in so much pain , and all they gave me was ibuprofen and aspirin . For three days , I was in excruciating 😖 pain and constantly asking for pain relief . The only reason I finally fell asleep , was because I snapped and said I didn't want to live if I was going to be in this kind of pain . Is this the way it should be ? The psychiatrists came in and almost immediately , I received pain medication that worked . Yes , an opioid .
    There needs to be some sort of differentiation between abuse and the NEED , not the WANT to have pain relief . The method now in place does nothing to reduce the suicide rate . In fact , it escalates it . People who have been getting pain relief for years due to unfixable problems , suddenly their medicine is stopped . No weening off of the drug . Just stopped refilling the prescriptions. Then , the doctors , who don't want to look bad because they know the person needs this relief but he will get flagged for issuing the pain pills , passes the buck to the pain management clinic who starts treatment all over again . The same stuff they that the patient had already done in the past , knowing it wasn't going to work .
    Just a horrible situation. Since the vet cannot get the pain relief he needs ,
    He goes to the streets to find relief . Then the overdoses happen , whether intentional or not , doesn't matter . The fact is that it could of been prevented at the VA level .
    I live in a place that houses homeless or unstable vets who are going through rehab ..
    The intention of helping these vets is well meant but what do u think happens when they go to this facility that is located in a horrible part of town ? I can walk out the front door and within 5 minutes , someone is trying to sell me crack . Then add in the 1st of the month payday scenario where drug dealers sit in the parking lot honking their horns to alert the vets that the drugstore is open . They come down to purchase and head back to their rooms . Later that night , someone lets in prostitutes that go door to door soliciting vets . Eventually , someone is going to bring this to the attention of the media . I'll have a clear conscious , since I have mentioned these issues in the past . I'm grateful for living hear because otherwise I would be on the street . I myself am strong enough to fight these triggers but many of the vets cannot . They get kicked out and then are back on the street . At least75% of the people living here have a active drug problem .The whole system is set to fail . Instead of punishing the people who need pain relief in opioids form , start helping vets who are sent to places to live while seeking help but are immediately sucked back into the dark shadows of an area where relapse is almost guaranteed.
    Having said this , I love the VA . My issue is that other VA's aren't up to same standard as the VA I go to .
    Sorry I went off topic but it all fits together in the scheme of things .
    Respectfully Submitted ,
    USMC Vet

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