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  • I would be interested in your opinion on MI with respect to the spiritual/cultural differences between US troops and our islamic enemy. While our enemy's culture regularly validates brutality and barbarity on the battlefield, ours completely abhors this. There is strong evidence in the SOF/Infantry communities that dishonorable conduct by our enemy has also provoked retaliatory acts by our own forces on the battlefield. Additionally, US forces are keenly aware of the strong religious motivations of our enemy, and those US troops that lack spiritual resilience often adopt the ethos of ancient warrior cultures (Apache Indians, Vikings, etc.) in response. These warrior cultures can provide a measure of spiritual equality on the battlefield, but upon return, US culture which does not support this kind of expression can lead to perhaps a "moral hangover". Soldiers who have behaved under the influence of these warrior cultures return and often wonder if their families would still love them if they knew what they had done. We see this often at Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, and I'm curious about your exposure to this phenomenon.

    Matt Heidt
    Chairman, Advisory Board, Mighty Oaks Foundation
    SOCS, USN Retired.

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