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  • The article situation is similar in other settings as wells. When I meet veterans, anywhere, there's those questions "where were ya, what mos, when were you in...". It could be a similar feeling as with the psychotherapist. He or she will eventually meet a veteran or service member that has/had higher rank; or a more prestigious unit, awards, or other variables. Just meeting veterans (me not being a consultant or health care provider) has that pressure.
    It's difficult to gauge what to tell other veterans and military personnel. In conversations, of that person is or was higher ranking, does that give me the credibility to give them advice and encouragement?
    Even being a veteran, meeting with other vets has a bureaucratic structural feeling when just talking with them.
    So, I do understand some of the difficulties that Captain Bargthold faced. The author has an integrated approach beyond using this information for just a therapist: this situation of respecting others by using different techniques can be molded with family, friends, self-reflection and our relationship with God.
    Thank you for this well written and highly interesting article.
    Peace and grace,
    -Theodore Karabetsos Jr.

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