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  • Thank you for your article. I am a female veteran, and I appreciate the sentiment regarding the struggle with depression, ostracism, and sexual assault for us females. My story is one of residual trauma- basically my enlistment time was challenging, but it wasn't until after I became a civilian again when I began to have trouble adapting to civilian life. Without a very supportive family, and the economy the way it is, I had to begin a new chapter in my life by myself to make ends meet, and I began to struggle with depression. It was difficult for me to meet and stay connected with people of value in my life that I could relate to. I got involved with men that eventually became abusive. I had and still have lots of trust issues. I feel emotionally stunted! Now I am a woman in my thirties and others' around me are having children while I am still struggling to make ends meet. I struggle with PTSD and depression, but when I bring it up to those close to me, they don't understand...
    Us military women do have a unique challenge, and it is so important for any human being to have support and love.
    God bless, thank you for sharing.

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