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  • There is a rush in getting together with other combat vets and talking about combat, but there is a lot of unregulated emotions along with the adrenaline rush. This all is modulated in exposure therapy. It does not work for all. Most meds get in the way of allowing this modulated exposure. I believe the integration of the trauma and possible neurogenesis may be inhibited for some when on meds for PTSD. For me, I love the adrenaline and get some of it by being a musician and playing live, sometimes going to open jam sessions in clubs and learning the song right on stage in front of an audience in quick time not knowing how its going to come out. It has helped me in my healing better than any drug and along with many years of therapy has really helped me sublimate and regulate my adrenaline. Like many drugs, the addiction happens with adrenaline when it is not disciplined, modulated, and allowed but regulated, at least in my opinion, and experience personally, and as a therapist with other combat vets for 25 years.

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