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Department of Defense Deployment Health Clinical Center

Staff Training and Assistance Team (STAT)

Background The STAT was created in Spring 2003 in conjunction with the Army Surgeon Generals initiative to reinvigorate implementation of the Post-Deployment Health Clinical Practice Guideline (PDH-CPG)


  • Promote quality post-deployment health care through Education and Training by:
    • Developing, evaluating, and disseminating educational products in support of the PDH-CPG
    • Providing training and consultation (including Staff Assistance Visits) on PDH-CPG implementation for healthcare providers, command staff, and support personnel
  • Support quality post-deployment clinical care by:
    • Providing consultation services through the DHCC Clinician and Service Member Helplines especially in the areas of deployment-related health concerns and deployment health surveillance and care
    • Providing care coordination in accordance with the ASD(HA) Policy on Depleted Uranium Medical Management and other policies as published

Requests for STAT Assistance Contact the STAT by calling the DHCC Clinician Helpline at (866) 559-1627 (DSN 642-0907) or by email at

DHCC Helplines

DHCC Helpline for Clinicians/Providers:

Provides clinical consultation, referral services for post-deployment health issues, and information on Post-Deployment Health Clinical Practice Guideline (PDH-CPG) implementation

US Toll Free: (866) 559-1627
Hours of Operation:
7:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. EST

DoD Helpline for Service Members, Veterans and Families:

Provides information and advice on deployment-related health concerns
U.S. Toll Free: (800) 796-9699
Hours of Operation:
7:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. EST

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