Policy and Strategy

Policy Overview

This section contains a library of psychological health-related policies, directives and technical documents published by the Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Congress and Executive Branch, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The library includes all policy-related documents referenced on PDHealth.mil and additional documents related to the topics found on PDHealth.mil.

Types of documents in the library include regulations, directive memorandums, directive pamphlets, instructions, notices, legislation and executive orders. The documents pertain to the following psychological health topics: conditions, health care services, research, military-related psychological health screening and DoD/Military Health System organizational structure as related to psychological health. For more details, see the Department of Defense Publications and Definitions.

Each entry includes the agency responsible for the publication, type and number of the publication, title, date issued, date of any changes, brief description of content, and a link to the primary source where the publication can be found.

Sources of Documents

Congressional Publications

U.S. Government Publishing Office


(Public and Private Laws (including National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA))

Executive Publications

The White House


(Executive Orders)

Department of Defense (DoD) Publications

DoD Issuances


(DoD Directives (DoDD), DoD Instructions (DoDI), DoD Manuals (DoDM), Directive-Type Memorandums (DTM))

Health Affairs (HA) Policies and Guidelines


Air Force Publications

Air Force e Publishing


(Air Force Instructions (AFI), Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD), Air Force Manual (AFMAN), Air Force Pamphlets (AFPAM))

Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Policies


(On AFMS Knowledge Exchange which requires CAC to login)

Army Publications

Army Publishing Directorate


(Army Regulations (AR), Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA PAM), Forms, Field Manuals (FM), Technical Manuals (TM), Technical Bulletins (TB) including Medical (TB MED and link to All Army Activities Messages (ALARACT))

Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG) / Medical Command (MEDCOM) Policies

(On Army Knowledge Online (AKO) which requires CAC to login)


Coast Guard Publications

Coast Guard Directives and Publications Division


(Commandant Instructions (COMDTINST), Commandant Notices (COMDTNOTE), Commandant Instructions Manual (COMDTINST M)

Marine Publications

Marine Publications


(All Marines Messages (ALMARS), Marine Administrative Messages (MARADMINS), All Navy Messages (ALNAVS), Forms)

Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library


(Marine Corps Orders (MCO), Marine Corps Manuals (MCO-P), Marine Corps Bulletin (MCBul), NAVMC, NAVMC Directives)

Navy Publications

BUMED Policy and Guidance (NAVMED)


Navy Medicine Directives


(BUMED HQ Instructions and Notes; BUMED Instructions and Notes; BUMED-sponsored OPNAV, SECNAV, BUPERS, BUMED; and NAVMED Forms)

Department of the Navy Issuances


(Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) Instructions, Notices, and Manuals; All Navy (ALNAV) Regulations)

Library for Navy Messages


(Navy Administrative Messages (NAVADMINS) and All Navy Messages (ALNAVS))

VA Publications

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Documents