PHCoE in the News

  • Your military family: The key to beating holiday blues (link is external) December 21, 2017 Haul out the holly; another holiday season is here. In addition to military life, add to your list decking the halls at home, taking little ones to visit Santa, picking out presents, wrapping gifts, baking treats, and attending special events at work, school, and in the neighborhood. With so much going on, it’s easy to run out of time, money, and patience.
  • From the Homefront: Military kids and mental health – Know the warning signs (link is external) May 3, 2017

    While military kids can be incredibly resilient, sometimes they need some extra help in navigating the emotional upheaval they experience.  Several studies in recent years have shown that military kids have a higher risk of mental health issues and depression than children in civilian households.

  • Deployments can be 'significant stressor' for families but help is available (link is external) October 7, 2016

    Military families can face a mix of emotions and uncertainty when a parent or spouse is deployed. Experts from the Military Health System address concerns family members can face before, during and after these long separations, and what resources are available for them.

  • Mourning the loss of a loved one from suicide (link is external) October 4, 2016

    An unexpected loss of a loved one by suicide can leave family members and friends struggling to cope with a range of emotions and many unanswered questions. Experts from the Military Health System offer advice and resources to help through the grieving process.

  • Suicide prevention: How to recognize the warning signs (link is external) September 22, 2016

    For some, everyday life can bring forth demanding situations which may carry a great emotional and psychological burden. And when dealing with such, a person may consider thoughts of suicide or self-harm as the only solution.