SBIRT Pilot and Resources


Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Pilot

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) developed the evidence-based process of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for use in the civilian sector. SBIRT is defined as:

“a comprehensive, integrated, public health approach to the delivery of early intervention for those with risky alcohol and/or drug use, and the timely referral to more intensive substance abuse treatment for those who have substance abuse disorders.”

PHCoE conducted an implementation pilot to test the SBIRT approach to address alcohol misuse in Military Health System primary care. The pilot found that SBIRT is a feasible and effective process and is improved through the use of ongoing training for providers and clinical tools to help providers educate beneficiaries.

SBIRT Clinical Support Tools

The following resources were designed for use in the pilot to increase patients’ psychological health literacy and promote help-seeking and engagement in clinical care.

  • Daily Drink Tracker
    • Tracker to record daily drink consumption, type of drink, situation and contributing factors.
  • My Plan for Change
    • Worksheet to record a plan for how to handle specific situations that challenge drinking goals.
  • Preparing for Change
    • Worksheet to record advantages of and drawbacks to drinking and reasons for wanting to change drinking habits.

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