Strategic Plan

PHCoE Strategic Priorities

PHCoE’s strategic priorities align with the Quadruple Aim strategy of the MHS, DHA’s leadership goals, and DHA's strategic plan. PHCoE’s strategic priorities also align with the findings and recommendations of various task forces and commissions (e.g., DoD Task Force on Mental Health, the President’s Commission on the Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors, Cross-Agency Priority Goals).

In order to carry out its mission of advancing excellence in psychological health care across the MHS, PHCoE maintains five core strategic priorities that align to DHA’s strategy map:

  1. Support the Services and Combatant Commands
  2. Improve care quality
  3. Increase access, reduce barriers, and encourage optimal use of psychological health resources
  4. Advance the science of psychological health
  5. Foster organizational development

These strategic goals serve to improve the psychological health service delivery for service members, veterans, families and beneficiaries; translate our efforts to enhance health outcomes; maximize force readiness; and optimize value.