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PDH Guideline Tool Kit  (Updated by Desk Reference Toolbox)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. PDH Guideline
  3. Guideline Metrics
  4. Implementation Manual
  5. Provider Materials
  6. Ancillary Materials
  7. Patient Self-Care Materials
  8. Process Re-Engineering
  9. Website Information

The PDH-CPG Tool Kit was developed to assist primary care providers implement the DoD/VA Post-Deployment Health Clinical Practice Guideline (PDH-CPG). The Tool Kits were distributed to all military medical treatment facilities in conjunction with a world-wide satellite broadcast that initiated the implementation of the PDH-CPG in January 2002.

The Tool Kit consisted of a large canvas bag containing: a three-ring binder with the PDH-CPG and sample/descriptions of each PDH tool and support strategy; 8.5" x 11" Provider Reference Cards for the CPG; optional documentation form (DD Form 2844); clinic stamps for documentation of the deployment-related screening question; reference books; list of related Web sites; patient informational brochures; and patient marketing tools. Each Tool Kit was designed to support 50 providers.

Updated materials for the PDH-CPG have been developed and packaged for individual primary care providers in a desk-sized "recipe box". Distribution of the PDH-CPG Desk Reference Toolbox began in July 2004. The DHCC Desk Reference Toolbox Web page has the entire contents of the Toolbox and instructions for ordering it.

This Web page contains material from the original Tool Kit. Some of the items that were in the Tool Kit are still available and can be ordered through the US Army MEDCOM Quality Management Office Web site.

      HA Memos [PDF format] [view] [download]
      Joint Staff Memo and Policy Guidance [PDF format] [view]
      Tool Kit Team Member Listing [Word DOC] [view]
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      Post-Deployment Health Guideline [Word DOC] [view]
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      Post-Deployment Health Quality Targets [Word DOC] [view]
      Recommendations For Monitoring Metrics [PDF format] [view]
      TMA National Quality Management Program
       Post-Deployment Health Guideline Monitoring
       Information [Word DOC]
      Post-Deployment Health Clinical Practice Guideline
       Peer review and Audit Tool [Word DOC]
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      Post-Deployment Health Guideline Action Plan Worksheets
     [Word DOC]
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      DoD Form 2844 [PDF format] [view] [download] Briefing [PDF] [view]
      Deployment Health Clinical Center Brief[PDF] [view]
      Provider Exam Card Cover Page [Word DOC] [view]
      Post-Deployment Health Peer Review and Audit Form [Word DOC] [view]
      Post-Deployment Health Guideline Brief [PDF] [view]
      Risk Communication Brief [PDF] [view]
      Tool Kit Brief [Power Point Presentation] [view]
      PDH Broadcast CME Info [PDF] [view]
      PDH Education Coordinator Guide [PDF format] [view]
      EBM CD-ROM (No longer available).[Word DOC] [view]
      DoD Form 2844 [Online PDF format] [view]  
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      Ancillary Personnel Briefing [Power Point Presentation] [view]
      PDH Broadcast CHE Info [PDF] [view]
      PDH Site Education Coordinators Guide [PDF format] [view]
      Ancillary PDH Screening Room Card [Word DOC] [view]
      SF 600 Screening Stamp [Word DOC] [view]
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      PDH Wallet Card Cover Page [Word DOC] [view]
      PDH Brochure/Display [Word DOC] [view]
      MUPS Brochure Cover Page [Word DOC] [view]
      PDH Poster [Word DOC] [view]
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      Battalion Aid Station Process Re-Engineering Brief [Power Point Presentation] [view]
      Clinic Process Re-Engineering Brief [Power Point Presentation] [view]
      SF 600 Screening Stamp [Word DOC] [view]
      Instructions for Embedding PDH Question into CHCS Automated
       SF 600 [Word DOC]
      Ancillary Screening Room Card [Word DOC] [view]
      Creating KG-ADS Diagnoses Referenced LIST Template Update
      [Word DOC]
      Addition of PDH Codes to Super-Bills [Word DOC] [view]
      Deployment Appointment Detail Code [Word DOC] [view]
      Log Book [Word DOC] [view]
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      MEDCOM QMO Post-Deployment Health Management Website [view]  
      VHA Office of Quality and Performance, Post-Deployment Health
      Evaluation and Management CPG Website
      Directory of Deployment Related Websites [Word DOC] [view]
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