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DoD/VA Clinical Practice Guideline for Post-Deployment Health Evaluation and Management

The DoD/VA Post-Deployment Health Clinical Practice Guideline (PDH-CPG) was developed to assist primary care clinicians in evaluating and managing individuals seeking care for potentially deployment-related health concerns and conditions. The Guideline applies to both individuals who have deployed as well as non-deployed individuals who are experiencing health concerns which they consider related to a deployment: e.g., family members of personnel who have deployed.  The Guideline uses an algorithm-based stepped care approach which emphasizes clinical risk communication and longitudinal follow-up. The PDH-CPG is a single module consisting of three parts that address three aspects of related care:

Use of the PDH-CPG is mandated by DoD (Health Affairs). The military unique vital sign question "Is your health concern today related to a deployment" should be asked of every patient at every visit to a primary care provider (except for wellness visits, such as periodic exams and preventive care) as the first step in initiating use of the Guideline.  The Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program (CCEP), which had been implemented to provide for the systematic evaluation of Gulf War Veterans, transitioned to the PDH-CPG, which began DoD-wide implementation on 31 January 2002. Implementation was initiated with a Worldwide Satellite Broadcast and distribution of a Tool Kit of supporting materials to all Military Medical Treatment Facilities. In summer 2004, distribution of the Desk Reference Toolbox, which updated the Tool Kit, began.

The current version of the PDH-CPG is Version 1.2, September 2000/Update December 2001. There have been no changes in the Guideline since then, except for a change in the guidance for coding post-deployment clinic visits. (Guidance can be found under Implementation Guidance and news and updates to the PDH Guidelines can be found on the Clinicians Page.)

Table of Contents:
The following web pages have been developed to provide information, guidance, and tools to assist in implementing the PDH-CPG:

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