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Algorithm 1 Algorithm 2 Algorithm 3
Box 1 DoD/VHA health care beneficiary with deployment related health concern [A] Page A1
Box 2 Ascertain chief complaint/concern; Obtain medical psychosocial history, physical exam, laboratory tests [B] Side Box Deployment: Any current or past event or activity that relates to duty in the armed forces that involves an operation, location, command or duty that is different from the military member's normal duty assignment (DoD, JP 1-02, 1994). Military members meet deployment criteria anytime they leave the physical locale of the parent command and enter an environment for operational deployment or are stationed in a hostile territory. This guideline also applies to family member's health concerns that relate to deployment. [C]
Box 3 Reinforce partnership with the patient to address deployment concerns [D]
Box 3 Review history of deployment. Research deployment health issues [E]
Box 4 Does the patient present signs or symptoms? [F] Box 5 Can a final diagnosis be reached? [G] Box 5 and box 8 no to page A3
Box 9 Asymptomatic patient with health concerns [K] Box 6 No diagnosis established
Box 10 Provide reassurance and patient health education [L] Box 7 Further work-up patient's problem: Review medical record [H]
Box 7 Further work-up patient's problem: obtain ancillary studies [I]
Box 7 Further work-up patient's problem: Research deployment issues [J]
Box 11 Does the patient's concern persist? [M] Box 8 Can a final diagnosis be reached?
Box 12 Re-evaluate, consider consultation [N] Continue on page A2 Continue on page A3
Box 13 Follow-up as indicated [O] Side Box Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC): The DHCC may be contacted for clinical consultation and patient education on deployment health issues [BB]