Upcoming Presentations

126th American Psychological Association Annual Convention
August 9-12, 2018
San Francisco, CA
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Addressing Military Mental Health Stigma: Results of a Policy Analysis”
Presenter: Dr. Alexandra Kelly
Session Type: Poster

“Advances in Primary Care Behavioral Health: Lessons Learned from 20 Years of Implementation”
Presenter: Capt. Anne Dobbmeyer
Session Type: Presentation

“Behavioral, Demographic and Proximal Risk Factors for Pathological Gambling in the Military Community”
Presenter: Dr. Abigail Wilson
Session Type: Poster

“Ethical Issues Relevant to Collaborative Suicide Prevention Between Military Chaplains and Psychologists”
Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Tucker
Session Type: Presentation

“Implementing the Future of Psychological Health: Evidence-based Practices for Busy Clinicians”
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Blatt
Session Type: Presentation

“Interrelationships Among Post Deployment PTSD, TBI, and Somatic Symptoms”
Presenter: Dr. Marjorie Campbell
Session Type: Presentation

“Prescription Opioid Management and Misuse Across the Military Health System: Historical Trends, Clinical Research, and Health System Strategies”
Presenter: Dr. Bradley Belsher
Session Type: Presentation  

9th International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2018
March 13-16, 2018
Orlando, FL

Conference Website

“Relating Consulting Via Research: Evidence-based Findings Applied to a Formative Evaluation and Curriculum Revision of DoD’s Substance Abuse Common Military Training”
Presenter: Dr. Maureen Schafer
Session Type: Presentation  

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
May 5-9, 2018
New York City, NY
Meeting Website

“Patterns of Care Following Emergency Department Visits for Suicide Attempt by Active Duty Service Members and Their Dependents”
Presenter: Mr. Zachary Peters
Session Type: Posters“

"Select Findings From the 2016 Department of Defense Suicide Event Report”
Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Tucker
Session Type: Poster  

U.S. Public Health Scientific and Training Symposium
June 4-7, 2018
Dallas, TX
Symposium Website

"inTransition: Maintaining Continuity of Care Across Transitions"
Presenter: USPHS Cmdr. Michelle Tsai
Session Type: Presentation

“An Overview and Evaluation of Social Media as a Tool to Promote Psychological Health Information to Remote and Digital Audiences”
Presenter: USPHS Lt. Evette Pinder
Session Type: Presentation