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Re-Deployment is the period of time during which units re-posture themselves in theater/Area of Operations (AOR); transfer forces and material to support other operational requirements; or return personnel, equipment, and material to the Home Station (Active Component) or DEMOB Station (Reserve Component). Post-deployment health activities during this period are described in DoDI 6490.03, Deployment Health, 11 Aug 06 and are based on the deployment type or commander's decision, DoD and Service policies, and actual or potential health threats encountered during deployment. They may include a re-deployment medical briefing and completion of the DD Form 2796 (Post-Deployment Health Assessment) and Post-Deployment Health Assessment Process. In accordance with DoDI 6490.03, DD Form 2796 should be completed "as close to the redeployment date as possible, but not earlier than 30 days before the expected redeployment date and NLT 30 days after redeployment, and for Reserve Component members, before they are released from active duty."

For information on the Post-Deployment Health Assessment Process (PDHA), click here.

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