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Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) Program (DD Form 2900)


The Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) Program is a program mandated by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs in March 2005 and designed to identify and address health concerns, with specific emphasis on mental health, that have emerged over time since deployment. The PDHRA provides for a second health assessment using DD Form 2900 and should be completed 90 to 180 days after return to home station from deployment.

The PDHRA applies to all servicemembers as well as DoD civilian employees and DoD contractor personnel (consistent with DoD and Service-specific guidance) who have returned from operational deployment in accordance with DoDI 6490.03, Deployment Health. A DD Form 2900 will be administered to each redeployed individual that required completion of a post-deployment health assessment.

The PDHRA Program uses DD Form 2900 (Post-Deployment Health Reassessment) to document health concerns, assessment and referrals. The form must be completed in an electronic or web-enabled form following service-specific directives and using one of the following service-specific data systems: Army MEDPROS (Medical Protection System); Air Force PIMR (Preventive Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness) or AFCITA (Air Force Complete Immunization Tracking System) for AFRC; or Navy EDHA (Electronic Deployment Health Assessment). Servicemembers will be contacted by their unit leaders and given information on how to access the electronic or web-enabled version when they fall within the timeframe for completing the PDHRA process. After servicemembers have completed the form, a healthcare provider will discuss with the servicemember any health concerns which they have indicated on the form and will make referrals to appropriate healthcare or community-based services if further evaluation or treatment is needed. The data will be sent electronically through the service-specific data system to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC) for inclusion in the Defense Medical Surveillance System. The completed DD 2900 will be printed and placed in the individual's permanent medical record.

For list of Service-Specific PDHRA Points of Contact (POCs), click here

Table of Contents. The following information has been assembled to provide guidance and assistance for implementing the PDHRA Program.

Guidance for DD Form 2900

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PDHRA Policies and Directives

DoD/Joint Forces


Air Force


Coast Guard

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Additional Screening Forms and Measures

  • Forms and Measures Page. (Contains forms used for documenting deployment-related health evaluations and standard health assessment tools that can be used for evaluating patients with deployment-related concerns)

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Information on Deployment Exposures for PDHA/PDHRA

  • Deployment-Related Exposures (DHCC Web Page created to provide information and assistance to healthcare providers and Service members regarding potential deployment-related exposures. It contains links to fact sheets, articles, Web pages and training materials. The information includes materials targeted to the deployment-related exposures listed on the DD Form 2796, Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA) (Sep 07) (Questions 9a, 16, 19 and 20) and the DD Form 2900, Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) (Sep 07) (Questions 9a and10a).

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Service-Specific Fact Sheets/Material

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