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Enhanced Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA) Process
(DD Form 2796)


DD Form 2796 - DoDI 6490.03, Deployment Health, 11 Aug 06 describes the post-deployment health activities. "The DD Form 2796 is required if a DD Form 2795 was required during the pre-deployment phase or per the decision of the COCOM commander, Service component commander, or commander exercising operational control if any health threats evolved or exposures (OEH or CBRN) occurred during the deployment that warrant medical assessment or follow-up." "Each individual who requires a DD Form 2796 must be scheduled for a face-to-face health assessment with a trained health care provider (physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, advanced practice nurse, independent duty corpsman, independent duty medical technician, or Special Forces medical sergeant) during in-theater medical out-processing or within 30 days after returning to home or processing station." The purpose of this screening is to review each deployer's current health, mental health or psychosocial issues commonly associated with deployments, special medications taken during the deployment, possible deployment-related occupational/environmental exposures, and to discuss deployment-related health concerns. Positive responses require use of supplemental assessment tools and/or referrals for medical consultation. The provider will document concerns and referral needs and discuss resources available to help resolve any post-deployment issues.

The DD Form 2796 must be completed electronically or in web-enabled format following service-specific directives and using one of the following service-specific data systems: Army MEDPROS (Medical Protection System); Air Force PIMR (Preventive Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness) or AFCITA (Air Force Complete Immunization Tracking System) for AFRC; or Navy EDHA (Electronic Deployment Health Assessment). The data will be sent electronically through the service-specific data system to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC). DD Form 2796 should be printed and placed in the individual's permanent medical record. In accordance with DoDI 6490.03, Deployment Health, 11 Aug 06, DD Form 2796 should be completed "as close to the redeployment date as possible, but not earlier than 30 days before the expected redeployment date and NLT 30 days after redeployment, and for Reserve Component members, before they are released from active duty."

The current version of the DD Form 2796, which is dated September 2012, replaces the previous versions dated January 2008 and April 2003.

Serum Sample - As part of the redeployment process, when required, a serum sample will be obtained from each individual no later than 30 days after arrival at a demobilization site, home station, or in-patient medical treatment facility and forwarded to the DoD Serum Repository . Individuals must be informed if the post-deployment serum sample will be tested for HIV.

TB Screening - Personnel deploying to high TB threat areas require TB screening upon return in accordance with Service-specific policies.

Malaria Chemoprophylaxis - Personnel who have been taking malaria chemoprophylaxis during deployment must be evaluated for terminal malaria chemoprophylaxis upon return in accordance with Service-specific policies.

Re-Deployment Briefing - A Medical De-briefing on all significant heatlh events, exposures and concerns will be conducted ideally within 5 days prior to departure from theater, but may be conducted within 5 days of return to CONUS/home station.

Table of Contents. The following information has been assembled to provide guidance and assistance for implementing the PDHA Program.

Guidance for DD Form 2796

  • DD Form 2796 (Post-Deployment Health Assessment), Sep 12 A PDF version of the form is provided here as a preview of the questions that are included on the form.

  • DD Form 2796 Primer, Sep 12

  • Personnel returning from deployment can only complete and submit the form by accessing and using their service-specific electronic data system. Information on how to complete the form is in each military service's PDHA implementation policy included in the PDHA Policies and Directives section below.

  • Links to the service-specific sites where the Deployment Health Assessment forms can be completed are:
    • Army - AKO Web site under Self Service under My Medical on the My Medical Readiness Page
    • Navy/Marines - NMCPHC Global Electronic Deployment Health Assessment (EDHA) Page

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Deployment Exposures for PDHA/PDHRA

  • Deployment Exposures for PDHA/PDHRA Deployment-Related Exposures (DHCC Web Page created to provide information and assistance to healthcare providers and Service members regarding potential deployment-related exposures. It contains links to fact sheets, articles, Web pages and training materials. The information includes materials targeted to the deployment-related exposures listed on DD Form 2796, Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA) and DD Form 2900, Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA).

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PDHA Policies and Directives

DoD/Joint Forces

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Air Force

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Coast Guard

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Information on Other Required PDHA Screening (Serum sample, TB, Malaria)

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Additional Screening Forms and Measures

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Re-Deployment Briefing

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Education and Training

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PDHA Implementation Status

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Related Links

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