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  • Thanks for your comment Mr. Burke. Agreed - care is delivered in a complex, non-experimental environment, and big data certainly has various limitations that potentially compromise the conclusions and recommendations drawn. However, when used carefully and responsibly, population-level analytics can be very useful for clinicians, administrators, and program managers as they make decisions about care delivery and program improvement. Our goal at DHCC is not to dictate how care should be delivered, but to use big data to provide accurate and actionable information about mental health needs and practice within our system. For findings from big data to be most useful, we strive to involve providers and program managers at every stage of an analysis so that together we ask the right questions, understand limitations in the data, and correctly interpret the findings. In doing so, you all can feel confident about integrating those findings (as you see fit) into your practice-, program-, and policy-related decisions.

    -- Zachary Peters

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