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For more than 15 years, the DoD Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) has been working to improve deployment-related health care. DHCC seeks to transform military health care delivery systems from a disease management model to a more effective and efficient population-based collaborative model of care through health systems research, program implementation support at military treatment facilities (MTFs), and program evaluation services.

DHCC has been ahead of the curve in promoting patient- and family-centered care by developing and educating about care systems that meet the deployment-related and behavioral health needs of our service members proactively and comprehensively. Integrated and collaborative primary care delivery systems reduce stigma, ensure that service member needs are met, and assist them to fully reintegrate with home and family after deployment.

DHCC's four focus areas are:

  1. Transforming behavioral health care delivery through integration into primary care. For example, the RESPECT-Mil program, which operates in 95 military clinics, screens more than 75,000 primary care visits each month for PTSD and depression. Service members diagnosed with PH health concerns receive care coordinated in primary care and periodic follow-up, while clinics and MTFs are closely monitored for performance and remission rates through program evaluation measures embedded into the care system.
  2. Improving specialty PTSD treatment by establishing a centralized resource center (Tri-service Integrator of Outpatient Programming Systems-TrIOPS) to assist and promote intensive outpatient treatment programs throughout the military.
  3. Studying innovative ways for treating PTSD and depression in the military health care system, such as STEPS UP, a randomized effectiveness trial of strategies including telephone-based care management and therapy.
  4. Providing deployment-related health education and outreach through DHCC's website,, clinician and service member helplines, and participation in military medical conferences.

DHCC is a component center of the Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) For Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury. The director of DHCC is Navy Capt. Anthony A. Arita.

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