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Table of Contents

Deployment Health Related Research

A number of organizations within the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs are joined by other government and civilian agencies in conducting research relevant to the entire continuum of deployment health issues.

DHCC Clinical and Health Services Research - The core mission of the DoD Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) is to improve deployment health through optimizing deployment-related healthcare across the Military Health System. This mission is accomplished through a three-pronged strategy which includes Clinical and Health Services Research aimed at advancing the effective delivery of deployment-related healthcare.

DeployMed ResearchLINK - The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) Force Health Protection and Readiness (FHP&R) has developed the DeployMedResearch LINK Web site to provide information about government-funded scientific studies of medical issues experienced by military members during deployments. The site contains information on deployment health-related research within not only DoD, but also the Veterans Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services. This site is a merger of two previous Web sites: Medsearch (which was dedicated to government-sponsored research into the illnesses of Gulf War veterans) and DeployMed (which was a more expansive source of information about military deployments in general, to include the Gulf War of 1991)

The DoD Center for Deployment Health Research is the largest research group at the Naval Health Research Center. The Group was designated as the DoD Center for Deployment Health Research on September 30, 1999 by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. The Center’s mission includes conducting epidemiological studies to investigate the health experience of military personnel and their families, and the development and evaluation of appropriate health surveillance strategies. Center research includes studies of symptoms, hospitalizations, reproductive health, respiratory illness, and other health concerns of DoD beneficiary populations, both military and civilian.

Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDRMP) - This office originated in the early 1990s from a unique partnership among the public, Congress, and the Department of Defense to develop funding opportunities for specific diseases such as breast cancer. Among the programs funded are military relevant research (including psychological health, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and Gulf War illness).

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Veterans Affairs Research Program

The Office of Research and Development at VA National Headquarters oversees research within the Veterans Health Administration through its four service areas:

The Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Research and Development is launching the Million Veteran Program (MVP) in 2011, an important partnership between VA and Veterans. The goal of MVP is to better understand how genes affect health and illness in order to improve health care for Veterans. MVP will establish one of the largest databases of genetic and health information to be used for future studies that may lead to new ways of preventing and treating illnesses in Veterans and all Americans.

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VA/DoD Collaborative Healthcare Research

To help facilitate collaborative human subject healthcare research between the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD), the VA/DoD Collaboration Guidebook for Healthcare Research 2011 was developed. It identifies the types, benefits, and challenges of interagency research collaboration and provides resources to identify ongoing research efforts. Each Department’s administrative and funding mechanisms are summarized, and procedures and protocols that VA and DoD researchers need to follow in their collaborative efforts are introduced. In addition, it provides examples of successful and unsuccessful research collaborations.

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DoD Research Programs

Defense Medical and Research Development Program
The DMRDP is part of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Force Health Protection & Readiness (FHP&R) who serves as the principal staff assistant and advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) for all DoD deployment medicine policies, programs, and activities. focused on advancing the state of medical science in areas of the most pressing needs. The DMRDP began in fiscal year 2010 to increase the level of effort in medical research and development for wounded warriors. DMRDP, as part of the Defense Health Program (DHP), is a core research program of the Department of Defense, and is include in the President’s Budget submission to Congress. Main responsibilities include:

  • Develop planning, programming, budgeting, and execution strategies
  • Communicate guidance to organizations using DHP funds
  • Serve as the focal point for all DHP medical research and development actions and communications

Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 6000.08, Defense Health Program Research and Clinical Investigation Programs, 22 Jan 14 establishes DoD policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides procedures for funding and administration of Research and Clinical Investigation Programs (CIP) funded by the Defense Health Program (DHP) appropriation.

Many organizations in the Department of Defense are engaged in research-related activities. A list of the major organizations can be found by clicking here.

A symposium on Military Health System (MHS) Contributions to the Advancement of Health Sciences Research was held on 27 Jan 11 at the 2011 Military Health System Conference. To see a video of the symposium, click here. (1 hour 25 minutes)

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National Guideline Clearinghouse

The National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC™) Annotated Bibliographies feature allows users to search by text word and/or subject category to identify citations for publications and resources about guidelines. 

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